Monday, June 6, 2011

Jimi Hendrix's Drug Addiction

Mario C.

Jimi Hendrix’s Drug Addiction

            Jimi Hendrix, ledendary guitarist, had a major drug problem. Hendrix had stated that he used drugs to ease the pain from his parachute incident he suffered while in the air-force, which is by the way how he got discharged from the air-force.
            Jimi’s favorite drug of choice was LSD, which is a psychedelic drug. He would soak his bandana in LSD and then tie it around his head. However, when he wanted to get a better high he would make a small cut on his forehead so his body would absorb it faster. He was also known for doing other crazy things to get high.
            The other drugs Jimi heavily used were cannabis and alcohol. Hendrix never hid the fact that he smoked from his father because his dad knew if Jimi’s mom were around she wouldn’t have cared. Jimi’s mom had died while he was really young but he said that he didn’t feel bad because he will always remember his “ma” as being really groovy.
            Jimi Hendrix had a couple run-ins with the law because of his drug addiction. In 1968 he got arrested for his wild behavior at an international hotel. One of Jimi’s girlfriends said that he beat her one time with a public phone handset because he thought  she was calling  another man,  he was  drunk while the incident happened. Many friends and band-mates said that Hendrix would become really angry and violent when he would drink.
Too many peoples dismay “Purple Haze” is not about the acid he would take, was actually about a dream he had. The dream might have been inspired by a “trip” he had while on the acid but other than that it was about a dream, in which he is underwater and feels all good vibrations and colors. So much of his music was written because of his drug use but was not the main purpose of the music and if not for the drugs none of his music would have existed.


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  4. john lennon sold him acid at a kind price

  5. the beatles made rock roll

  6. Hendrix was not discharged due to an injury. Hendrix falsely made the claim but was discharged for failing to adapt to military standards. Additionally, Hendrix served in the Army not the Air Force. He also did not make music because he did drugs. He was a brilliant musician and artist long before his drug abuse. Nice attempt but do more research to verify your claims.

  7. I disagree with it. Anyone's music would be better without using drugs as you cannot pay attention to the technique and the musical patterns. Hendrix never cut on his forehead to get high and this is just an urban legend without any evidence or credibility.
    Im sure Hendrix didn't create most of his songs under the effect of the drugs or anything stronger than marihuana. He didn't use drugs as much as people believe today.

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